Advantages :

With our specialized Outdoor Advertising services you as a client are assured of reaching out to your desired target audience. You can always bank on our team of adept professionals specializing in ideation, site identification, material procurementand implementation, conservation and monitoring.

Our established relationships allow us to negotiate for the best locations and rates for our clients. Your brand is assured of placements on your selected or our suggested outdoor advertising mediums, that will help enhance your brand and product value. With Ripple Media services you are ensured of:

  • Long-lasting impressions
  • Maximum coverage
  • Determined reach an frequency
  • Continuous exposure
  • Ability to target specific communities
  • Ability to target ethnic groups
  • Ability to target specific ages
  • Ability to target specific income levels
  • Volume buys ensuring tight control on rates
  • Non-traditional mediums to get you message across